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AQCAPS Clinical Microcapillary Tubes
Made from borosilicate glass are available for diverse Haematology applications like Haemotocrit (75mm length), Microhaemotocrit (32mm length), BTCT(90 mm), Blood Gas Analyser (125 or as per requirements of particular machine-test), Immunoglobulin, etc.. All the capillaries are available with option of Plain or Sodium Heparinised, in pack size 100/vial or 250/vial, with unique Dispenser Cap to issue one capillary at a time.
AQSEAL Capillary Sealing Wax Tray
For quick sealing of approximately 250 haemotocrit capillaries. Secure, safe, sealing wax avoids risk of haemolysis due to heating, if capillaries are heat sealed. For using, insert capillary into wax, twist it and remove it so that wax will adhere inside the tube and seal it. After sealing, the capillaries can be temporarily held in the numbered carrier holes provided on the sides of the wax tray. Available in packs of 10 wax trays.
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Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Advanced benchtop model ideal for Hospitals and Laboratories for ending dangerous, inefficient, ineffective hand-scrubbing of delicate-expensive instruments by adopting the cleaning technology used the world-over.
  • SMPS power source ensures and amazing > 90% efficiency, compared to 60% of conventional linear source.
  • Energy Saving, Faster Cleaning, Higher Reliability.
  • Presettable 20 minute Digital Timer for 1,3 & 2 litre models, and 99 min. Digital Timer with LED display for 3.3 litre and above sizes.
  • Drain Valve option for 3.3 litre and above.
  • Ideal for cleaning Leishmann stained slides, blood stained tubes - bungs
Tank Dimensions(L x W x H)
Output Power(watts)
7" x 4" x 3"
8" x 4" x 4"
9" x 6" x 4"
12" x 6" x 6"
21" x 5" x 5"
12" x 9" x 6"
24" x 6" x 6"
14" x 12"x 8"
24" x 9" x 6"
15" x 15"x8"
Special accessories like heaters, beaker holders, test tube trays, slide trays, wire mesh trays, etc. as per requirements.
ESRITE ESR Determination Kit
Comprises non-corroding washable PP interlocking stand with provision to simultaneously hold 5 or 10 pipettes with blood sample vials.
  • Eliminates risk of infection
  • Convenient filling and level adjustment of ESR tube without risky, repeated sucking to maintain blood level while fitting ESR Tube into the Stand.
  • Savings in quantity of blood and citrate required to half the conventional quantity.
  • Specially produced Esrite Tubes & Vials have accurate tolerance to give leakproof performance.
  • Aluminium Screen with permanent scale helps easy reading of sedimentation rate.
Ordering Info: Esrite E-5 Kit with 5 Pipettes and 50 vials, Esrite E-10 Kit with 10 Pipettes and 100 vials.Spares Pipettes available packs of 10 Pipettes and 100 or 500 vials. Printed Pipettes also available.
MicroESR Kit
MicroESR is a boon for pediatric cases as well as adults with poor veins or conditions like severe burns, eczema, etc. Desk-top, ready-to-use Set, ideal for Hospitals, Path Labs, Pediatricians, Nursing Homes, and even General Practioners.
  • · Microcapillary ESR provides results which may be correlated and standardized with reference to conventional ESR.
  • · Complete Kit contains non-corroding plastic stand with calibration screen, 50 special microcapillaries, capillary sealing wax tray, bottle for storing citrate solution and usage guidelines.
  • · Simple Method - Take citrate solution upto first mark in capillary - Take blood from finger puncture until mixture reaches second mark - Rotate to mix and let blood flow to other end of capillary - Seal capillary end with wax - Insert capillary in Stand to hold vertically and - Record readings.
Ref.: J. Phillips "A simple reliable micro method for estimating ESR". THE PRACTIONER May 1965, Vol. 194 pp 672 - 676.


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