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Please contact us for details of Special Offers in the following categories:
  1. AQWASH Semiauto Elisa Washer with Waste level sensing
  2. Microplate shaker incubator
  3. MicroESR Kit for paediatric use
  4. Superior qulity round tube harmometer
  5. Nageotte Blood Cell Counting Chamber & Cover Slip
  6. Braided Silicone Rubber Tubing, Food - Pharma Grade
  7. Rubber Septa for Glass Joints - B10, B29, B34, & B19 grooved.
  8. HPLC PEEK Inline Column Filter.
  9. Taper Joint Clips-SS, Plastic.
  10. SS Nut-ferrule & tubing for HPLC.
  1. Melting Point Capillaries, 100mm long, 250/vial
  2. SMI-type Capillary Pipettor, Capacity 1ul, 75ul, 1-3-5ul
  3. Microsyringes: 25ul Waters, 50ul FN, 100ul RN, 250ulFN, 1ml LTFNGT
  1. Infusion Pump, Digital Model, AccuPro, Made in USA
  2. Infusion Pump, Peristaltic, Single Cassette, Manostat, USA
  3. GC with optonal capillary column attachment
  4. HPLC system different models.
  5. Spectrophotometer different models.

We invite customer suggestions for New Product Development, depending on their requirements and difficulties faced by them in sourcing or using existing products.
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